Taako’s Mongoose Rant

A clip from the McElroy family’s podcast “The Adventure Zone: Balance”

This is very early in the process. I go back and forth between a timeline sequence and a spread of thumbnail frames. I sketch notes in the timeline inspired by the acting, and then use the thumbnail page to explore layouts and camera moves. I’m still messing around with character designs as I go. When I like a drawing but have to cut it because it doesn’t work in the scene, I save it on the thumbnail page for future design reference. In the video, a lot of panels aren’t necessarily in order, they’re just more explorations.

Update 5/17/2019
This video shows the first five shots fairly cleaned up. Character designs still aren’t final.


Neverending Story

Atreyu & Artax’s First Encounter with the Nothing

JUST THUMBNAILS for a scene early in their adventure, based loosely on the book. Bark Trolls (missing body parts from their own encounter with it) lead Atreyu and Artax to where they can get a view of the spreading Nothing for the first time. In the book, Atreyu just climbs a tree to see it from a safe distance. I thought it would be interesting for them to have a closer look, and for Artax to fall under the Nothing’s thrall. Atreyu is protected by Auryn, the amulet given to him by the Childlike Empress, and when it touches Artax, it breaks the spell. Artax panics, and after a blind race through the woods they collapse and Artax reveals in horror that he’s never wanted anything as desperately as he wanted to join the Nothing. 

Update 5/17/2019
This clip explores an idea for a longer intro of all the forest animals fleeing in the opposite direction the Bark Trolls are going.

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