I Look I See (August 2019)

Rough storyboards I drew for Animatick Arts and Yusuf Islam & Children/Cat Stevens for their upcoming music video, “I Look I See,” directed by Merve Cirisoglu Cotur.
This was to be animated in the same style as Yusuf's "Ramadan Moon" using simple Toon Boom cut-out animation. It was an interesting challenge to be so restricted in camera angles/movements and character poses. It also required a fast turn-around time, so the drawings are very loose.

PASSWORD: firecat

Taako’s Mongoose Rant (May 2019)

WARNING: Profanity/Offensive Language
Personal work, boarding a clip from the Mcelroy family’s podcast “The Adventure Zone: Balance”.

To the right are very rough thumbnails, mostly trying to capture ideas for the acting based on the dialogue. Below is a cleaned up version of the first few shots. Character designs are being refined as I go.

The Neverending Story

First Encounter with The Nothing (2019)

Atreyu & Artax are led by the Bark Trolls to their first encounter with the Nothing. The video to the right is mostly early thumbnails, but for the first portion I’ve been exploring drawing hordes of animals fleeing through the woods.

Atreyu’s Existential Crisis (2017)

After Bastian saves Fantasia using the power of his wishes as a reader outside the narrative, Atreyu grapples with the realization that he and Falkor are fictional characters.

Swamp of Sadness (2017)

Rough panels based on the scene in the book where Artax sinks in the Swamp of Sadness. It’s basically like the movie, except Artax can talk.

I think it’d be cool if Bastian brought Artax back to life with one of his wishes. (See below)

Character Sketches

The Silent Route (June 2019)

Warning: Some violence/Intense imagery

Rough boards and thumbnails for various scenes from Animatick Art’s short film, here featuring two soldiers. These do not represent the contents or staging of the final film.

Feed the Cat! (2018)

Warning: Annoying animals

Rough storyboard for a personal project, started in 2017, revised in 2018. I wanted to challenge myself with minimalist facial designs. You can find early thumbnails here.